Me & Baby K
Ashley and her son KJ, fall 2020. Photo courtesy of John Gurda.

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Ashley – writer, blogger, speaker, workshop presenter, and your very own joy midwife. I’ve spent the last several years traveling the joy journey road, learning how to heal anxiety, overwhelm, and deep pain that wouldn’t stay buried. Now, my mission is to pay forward all the learning I’ve amassed. I want your journey to come easily, for you to have guidance, resources, and loving encouragement at your fingertips.

The way I see it, learning to love yourself holds the power to transform entire families. It starts with you, it carries on to your children, it ripples on forever until the whole world glows.

You are worthy of love, inner peace, and joy. These things live in you – they never left. It is my deep honor to walk with you as you rekindle your joy.